Soggy wet and muddy, or yellow-tinged, dry and patchy surfaces – UK garden lawns battle extreme weather patterns as a result of rising global temperatures. Our gardens require a lot of time, effort and care to maintain, principally because lawn care is so challenging and time consuming. Sustaining healthy, lush, cut-to-size grass is a battle for even the best of British gardeners. An artificial lawn offers a year-round solution, as well as valuable maintenance savings for your pocket, your planet and your time.

Development in synthetic grass – offers exceptionally natural looking alternatives to real lawns. Artificial grass takes away maintenance woes of garden lovers, while still delivering the perfect look lawn. Easigrass has even developed a product with flawlessly manicured stripes to give lawns the professionally mown appearance.

It lifts problem areas. Artificial grass is an excellent way to brighten up and improve the aesthetics of small, shady areas where natural grass struggles to thrive. Balconies, terraces and pool areas all benefit in appearance with a touch of green.

Artificial turf is also extremely tough, durable and safe. That’s why it is such a popular choice for sport complexes and schools, and a blessing to parents and pet owners. You can let your child or pets play in the garden safe in the knowledge they will not be trailing mud back through the house or causing any damage to your lawn. Opt for a shock pad base to be fitted underneath the lawn, and you also add extra safety elements for children sports and playtime in your garden.